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Advanced Rotary Pumps has the capability to repair your progressing cavity pump to exacting specifications that meet or exceed OEM standards. Our extensive repair experience and skill level allows for meticulous quality control yet rapid turnaround to ensure you are running at full capacity in the least amount of time. >>More

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Advanced Rotary Pump Systems Products

Progressing Cavity Pumps
Advanced Rotary Pumps offers quality progressing cavity pumps. Sometimes referred to as progressive cavity pumps, eccentric screw pumps, or pc pumps. Our extensive knowledge of progreccive cavity pumps applications allows us to ensure our customers have the correct pc pump for the application thay need. We carry a full line of progressing cavity pumps from names such as R&M Energy Systems (MOYNO), Weatherford Artificial Lift Systems Baker-Hughes (Centrilift).

Not sure exactly what you need? We can help.

Download our Progressing Cavity Pump Application Form HERE

Rotors and Stators
Advanced Rotary Pump's level of quality assures customers peace of mind knowing their investment is paying dividends. We carry rotors and stators for progressive cavity pumps from names like:

R&M Energy Systems (MOYNO)
Weatherford Artificial Lift Systems
Baker-Hughes (Centrilift)

1Surface Drives
We carry new and reconditioned quality surface drives for manufacturers like:

R&M Energy Systems (MOYNO)
Weatherford Artificial Lift Systems
Baker-Hughes (Centrilift)

Power Systems
Advanced Rotary Pumps offers a full line of power systems powered by electric, hydraulic, or natural gas.

Some features include:

  • Cost effective choices for every PC pump application
  • Safe and reliable operation over the life of the drive
  • Simple to operate
  • Easy operator access to sheaves via hinged belt guards
  • Low cost maintenance
  • Low profile for visually sensitive areas
  • Multi-point lifting for easy installation
  • Single-point belt tension simplifies maintenance
  • Braided rope packing for effective shaft sealing
  • Versatility to use gas and electric prime movers
  • Automatic recoil control
  • Environmentally friendly stuffing box
  • Easy to install with removable stuffing box assembly
  • Precision space out of rotor with hollow shaft
  • Adjustable bracing system designed for slant wells and 75 - 300 HP applications adds stability and reinforcement
  • Flanged or pin-style wellhead connections provide installation flexibility
  • Designed for 1-1/4" or 1-1/2" polished rods for application versatility

Tubing Wear Solutions
Protect your investment by defending against the increased maintenance and decreased service life of worn production tubing. Advanced Rotary Pumps offers RODEC™ Tubing Rotators, New Era® Rod Guides and Hercules® Rod Rotators from R&M Energy Systems all feature rugged durability, reliable performance and superior system solutions capabilities.
Advanced Rotary Pumps Systems' complete package of Tubing Wear Prevention Solutions offers:

  • Greater tubing service life
  • Decreased workover costs
  • Reduced downtime

Oilfield Products
The Moyno Down-Hole Pump is a progressing cavity pump specifically designed for crude oil extraction as well as gas well dewatering. It is capable of handling a wide range of fluids from water and light crudes to highly abrasive heavy oil. The rotary action of the Moyno Down-Hole Pump outperforms reciprocating pumps, its operating efficiency surpasses conventional electric submersible pumps, and it is ideal for gaseous formations because it cannot gas lock. Efficient, versatile, low-cost operation and long service life make the Moyno Down-Hole Pump the ideal choice for maximum profitability. Today, the progressing  cavity pump in down-hole applications is one of the fastest growing segments of the artificial lift industry.

1Other Products

  • Red Iron
  • Flow Tees
  • Stuffing Boxes
  • Polish Rods
  • Sheaves, Hubs, V-Belts, Powerbands
  • Electric Motors
  • Rods V-Belts and Other Euipment

Our goal is to provide the finest products and services to our customers. This quality translates into decreased operating costs, increased operational readiness rates, and enhanced productivity.